HTML5 and CSS3 Special Features Examples

Special Form Input Fields for HTML5

Placeholder example:

Autofocus example:

Autocomplete off example:

Required field example:

Email field type example:

Pattern validation example:

Autocomplete Dropdown example:

Multiple file upload selector example:

Input field outside form example:

Basic Video and Audio Example

Here we have the song autoplay on page load

Canvas Examples

Other HTML5 Elements

This is inside an "article" element
This is inside my own defined "container" called "mycontainer"
Here we have a "figure" element
David Brent

David Brent (this is highlighted using the "mark" tag) (The Office - BBC series) - this is using the "small" tag

Range slider

This unordered list below is editable - give it a try!

Gradients and Shadows

This text has a green shadow to it!

This text has a double shadow

This text will have a bit of a glow to it!

Its a box shadow effect

This is a rainbow gradient from bottom right (white, red, green, blue, yellow)

A radial gradient
A linear gradient from Top right to Bottom left (green to yellow)

Translations and transitions (hover mouse over boxes)


Rotate X
Rotate Y
3D Rotate